5 Ways to Maintain Brand Cohesion on Social Media :By Kimberlee Morrison on Jun. 5, 2015


By Kimberlee Morrison on Jun. 5, 2015

Running a successful social media campaign can be difficult, especially when your brand wants to run the same campaign across multiple networks. An infographic fromMarketingInColor outlines the steps your brand needs to take to remain cohesive.

  1. Get your brand identity straight. Consistent use of the same visual messages makes your brand instantly recognizable. Just being recognizable can give your brand a big boost.
  2. Create a consistent voice for your brand. Twitter is one of the most important platforms when it comes to brand voice, as the short messages can make everything you say impactful, even retweets and @mentions.
  3. Be mindful of timeliness and seasonality. Everything, from images and text to videos and links should be carefully considered. Posting certain content at certain times during the day can have large impacts, as can seasonal changes in attitude on social media.
  4. Create content sharable. Reaching beyond your core audience is important to growing your social following. Shareable content also encourages your most engaged fans to become brand advocates, giving you even more growth.
  5. Maintain a consistent tone across networks. Obviously you should make tweaks to suit different networks and demographics, but you should be on message and consistent.

Readers: How do you keep your social media presence consistent across different platforms?



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