Twitter Is Testing Autoplay Video On Timeline


Twitter Is Testing Autoplay Video On Timeline

by • March 24, 2015 • Breaking News, Twitter • Comments Off • 694

After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is testing autoplay for video in users’ timeline, probably paving the way for video ads in the near future.

Video will be huge on social media, this year and probably many years after that too. And Twitter wants its share of the eyeballs.

According to Advertising Age, Twitter is currently testing video advertisements that automatically play in your feed. The test applies to promoted video ads and hopes to see if users are more likely to watch videos if they play without a tap.

Twitter told Advertising Age that it was running the test for some iPhone and iPad users in the US. Of course, a test means that it might never make its way onto everyone’s timeline. But our bet is that everyone obviously expects the test to have positive results since an autoplaying video among the “noise” of a Twitter timeline is bound to catch our attention, right?

Of course this test also comes in days after Twitter announced the acquisition of Periscope, and app that specialises in bringing live video to your followers, much like Meerkat.

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